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Who are the host families?

They are all residents of Cambridge city or the surrounding villages (Girton, Fulbourn, Ely, Burwell, Soham etc) who are keen on meeting international students. Currently, about 40 families are involved in this programme.

We know each family personally and are sure they're suitable and receptive towards international students.

Visit to a British home The Walkers

Generally, we try to match students to host families with similar interests or based on their field of study.

Host families can be families with children, retired couples, single men or women and anyone else who is interested to welcome international students to their home.

These British people offer themselves as hosts because they enjoy meeting international students. The hosts are volunteers; they are not paid to invite you to stay with them. They invite students to stay in their homes as they want you to enjoy your stay in Cambridge, and because they like making friends with people from overseas. It's a "Window to the World" for both parties!

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