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Who are the members?

Membership is open to all full-time undergraduate or graduate research students at Cambridge University and Anglia Ruskin University who come from another country and are interested in finding out more about British culture, food, art, or people.

At the moment everything is very informal, so anyone who's involved with the society in any way is considered a member. This includes co-ordinators, hosts and students who have been on or hope to go on visits.

At the Senate House Christmas carols

Please take note that there is no membership fee: We hope to reach out to all students, even those of little means!

If you are interested at all, please submit your details on this page.

Personal accounts

Personal account from Parames Namasivayam:

Parames Namasivayam Hello! I am Parames, a Malaysian Tamil who did PhD in the Department of Plant Sciences, Cambridge University from the year of 2001-2004. Now, I am back in Malaysia but with sweet memories of Cambridge and England, thanks to Miss Joy Seddon, the founder and coordinator of Welcome International Students of Cambridge (WISC). I joined WISC in my first year -- to be precise four months after being in Cambridge. My first experience was Easter in Miss Joy Seddon's home. That was the beginning of my wonderful experiences in UK. Later, I was given an opportunity of home stay experience with a very caring and kind hearted couple. I have visited their home several times and had meals with their family. They have always made me feel at home and that's what you need when one is far away from home. During Christmas, I also had the opportunity to visit many other English families organized by WISC. It was a wonderful experience, learning their culture and life style. In return, I shared with them about my culture and my country. It was a two way learning process. All these were for FREE OF CHARGE! I absolutely enjoyed my time in Cambridge especially because of WISC. I would strongly recommend any international student to grab every opportunity to be part of WISC. The reward is priceless experience and you will make lifetime friends!

Personal account from Han Zheng:

Han Zheng When I first arrived in Cambridge for my undergraduate course, it was my first time abroad and so far away from home. I was very worried that I might not understand people, or fit into the society here. I was very lucky to meet Miss Joy Seddon on the second day of my arrival, who happens to be the WISC organiser, and had heard from the Trinity porters that another Chinese student had arrived at Trinity. I was immediately offered WISC hospitality, and on the third day, I was on a host visit to Newnham and found myself having lunch and interesting discussions with a very special host family! They were very nice people. And they not only showed me British hospitality, but also assured me that I could fit very well into the society here, and that I needn't feel lonely or helpless because I've got host families to turn to. They gave me tremendous warmth and confidence, and I've gone back to visit a few times, and kept in touch with them ever since. I have also gone to some other host families through WISC, and they are all very nice and kind. WISC has given me the warm feeling that I am being cared for in this foreign country, and I will never forget all the wonderful hosts I have met through WISC.

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