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What is WISC?

Welcome International Students of Cambridge (WISC) is an informal, non-profit, goodwill-based organization registered with the British Council in Cambridge, England and aimed at promoting relationships and interaction between international students at Cambridge University and local families.

We have a list of families in Cambridge and the surrounding villages, who are happy to invite international students over to spend the day with them, enjoy a meal and learn about each other's country.

Meal in the garden Christmas at Joy's

Some of these families have enjoyed hospitality abroad and are eager to reciprocate the kindness. Simultaneously, students will also give hosts a personal insight into other parts of the world.

Well, it is not just a one-off thing - some students become good friends with their host families and now have a home to visit whenever they feel homesick or lonely, particularly during the Christmas and Easter vacations when the colleges tend to be empty.

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